• Spring Cleanup to be completed by March 31st
  • Edging and Mulching of all shrubbery beds to be completed by April 10th
  • Mowing of all lawn areas are performed on Wednesdays weather permitting
  • Hand weeding and spraying for weeds in shrubbery beds is performed once a month during the season
  • Fall Cleanup to be completed prior to Thanksgiving
  • Pruning to all shrubs by July 7th
  • Pruning to all shrubs by October 7th
  • Turf Applications (Weather Permitting)
    • Broadleaf and crabgrass control by April 30th
    • Fertilizer with broadleaf and crabgrass control by June 7th
    • Fertilizer by September 10th
    • Broadleaf weed control by September 21st
    • Dormant fertilizer by December 10th


  • Will be performed when snow accumulation reaches 2 inches or more on roadways, parking spaces, sidewalks, walkways and fire hydrant locations.


  • Pick up for Trash is performed three times a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays.
  • Bulk Item Pick Up please call McCullough Rubbish Removal at 215-943-7470.
Timber Ridge Townhomes